Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Southern Reading Challenge

I have been a little slow getting started with the challenge. I'm sorry Maggie, I was one of the one post bloggers. :) I will try to do better.

I would like to read Joshilyn Jackson's The girl who stopped swimming. I also have Mary Kay Andrews' Savannah Blues. Not sure which one will be the first, but I will decide soon. They both look like awesome books!


Carolyn said...

Kim, I am thinking about reading one of Mary Key Andrews books as well, after I finish my other three.

Also, I LOVE Jodi Picoult! Kewl that you have her books on your bookshelf!

Susie said...

Kim, I'm picking up a couple of Mary Kay Andrews books at the library in the morning. So many people have mentioned her on their blogs. Sounds like a great summer read. Love your house name. Check mine out on my blog!

____Maggie said...

You won the Pecans! Do you want me to send them to you in the mail or just bring them to the library?

Congrats! :D